Adequate machinery, knowledge of the latest technological trends and highly qualified staff form the basis for the demanding toolmaking of purpose-made products, which is carried out using 5-axis centres (2,500 × 1,400 × 800). The heat treatment process is strictly controlled in a protected environment and the required measurement protocols are followed at all stages of the production process.


3,000 hours/month

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United States of America

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5-axis machines

C.B. Ferrari D420 ǀ Ø1.400×820
Makino D500 ǀ Ø500×500

3+1-axis machines

Haas VF2 ǀ 762×406×508

3-axis machines

Makino F5 ǀ 900×500×450
Makino F5 ǀ 900×500×450
Haas VM3 ǀ 1.016×660×635
Haas VM2 ǀ 762×508×508
Nikkei VH-1010 ǀ 1.010×500×520
Phoenix FL-4510 ǀ 1.520×850×600

Turning machines

Haas SL-30 ǀ Ø350×826
Haas ST-20 ǀ Ø300×572

Turning machine with powered tools

Takisawa ǀ Ø350×710

Surface grinding machines

Rosa Ermando N-10 ǀ 1.100×450
FUMAGALLI Linea-80 ǀ 1.400×710


Fendo Milano SA500 ǀ Ø500

Measuring machine

CARL ZEISS FM850 ǀ 1.200×830×600


Sk Doo 7660 Cnc

Sk Doo 7690 Cnc

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