With the in-depth knowledge of our programmers and our state-of-the-art technological equipment, we are able to take over the entire automation and machine building process. The process involves the design, control, machining and finishing of both simple and complex batch production pieces, following the most advanced technological innovations.


3,000 machine hours/month,
1,000 development and implementation hours/month,
500 construction hours/month

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European Union

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5-axis machines

C.B. Ferrari D420 ǀ Ø1.400×820
Makino D500 ǀ Ø500×500

3+1-axis machines

Haas VF2 ǀ 762×406×508

3-axis machines

Makino F5 ǀ 900×500×450
Makino F5 ǀ 900×500×450
Haas VM3 ǀ 1.016×660×635
Haas VM2 ǀ 762×508×508
Nikkei VH-1010 ǀ 1.010×500×520
Phoenix FL-4510 ǀ 1.520×850×600

Turning machines

Haas SL-30 ǀ Ø350×826
Haas ST-20 ǀ Ø300×572

Turning machine with powered tools

Takisawa ǀ Ø350×710

Surface grinding machines

Rosa Ermando N-10 ǀ 1.100×450
FUMAGALLI Linea-80 ǀ 1.400×710


Fendo Milano SA500 ǀ Ø500

Measuring machine

CARL ZEISS FM850 ǀ 1.200×830×600


Sk Doo 7807 Serija

Sk Doo 7812 Serija

Sk Doo 7895 Serija

Sk Doo 7887 Serija

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